Exploring in Mũi Né Vietnam

May 15, 2017


Mũi Né in Vietnam is a beach town along the South China Sea. The town has some strong windy conditions and is a top destination for windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. There's a busy strip with many hotels, restaurants and shops.


Top Things To Do And See In Mũi Né
Go kitesurfing- If you have never experiences kitesurfing or windsurfing before then this is the place to do it. Take some lessons and get the feel of ultimate freedom on the ocean. 

Visit the fish market- Wake up early and visit the fish market to get a taste of the lives of local Vietnamese fishermen. They sell their catch to local traders, restaurant owners and street vendors. 

Go quad biking at the White Sand Dunes - The White Sand Dunes of Mũi Né are approximately 25 km away from the center of the beach town. The best way to explore the dunes are by renting a quad and explore it yourself. Enjoy riding on the long-stretched White Sand Dunes and watch the sunset.

The Fairy Stream - You don't know what to expect when you get to the entrance of this Fairy Stream until you start walking. Leave your shoes at the entrance or take them along with you and start exploring the muddy stream barefoot and make your way through colourful limestone formations. 


Catch the sunset - When you decide to visit the fish market in the morning you can go a little earlier and watch the sunrise over the beautiful turquoise waters of Mũi Né. Nothing to worry if you are not a morning person, just catch the sunset and it will be as beautiful as the sunrise.


Sunset at the Red Sand Dunes - This is also a great place to watch the sunset over the beautiful Red Sand Dunes. These dunes are way closer to the city center of Mũi Né so it is very easy to get, even by foot. It is quite crazy that there are so many sand dunes so close to a beach town.

Costs In Mũi Né

Food and drinks - Eating out is not extremely expensive unless you go to restaurants where they serve western food. Drinks can get more expensive knowing that you are in a very popular beach town. The more tourists, the higher the prices. 


Accommodation - You can't really find cheap hostels. Hostels start from 10 USD and they are fully booked quite fast. If you like to have more privacy and you don't mind spending some dollars then I would suggest to go for a private room in a hostel or hotel. Vietnam is normally relatively cheap compared to some other countries in South East Asia. But Mũi Né is a different story. It is all up to you and how much money you want/have to spend. There are some amazing resorts on the strip but they are quite expensive for Vietnamese standards. They start from 80-90 USD per room a night. But you definitely get what you pay for!


Transport - Taking the tourist bus is cheaper than local transport because they will charge you more for being a tourist so I suggest that you always take the tourist bus. The prices are different to and from certain places but I will give you a couple of suggestions.
Ho Chi Minh City - Mũi Né starts from 340,000 VND (15 USD)
Mũi Né - Nha Trang starts from 318,000 VND (14 USD)
Mũi Né - Dalat starts from 295,000 VND (13 USD)


Our Experience

To explore around Mũi Né I would suggest to rent a motorbike or to do a day tour. If you book a day tour, they will pick up with a jeep and drive you to all the amazing places I have mentioned above. We personally booked a day tour and shared a jeep with 6 other people. So you can be sure that the jeep will be more than full. This was a bit of a bummer because it was not comfortable sitting at all. Maybe a tip for when you book a day tour is to ask with how many people you will have to share the jeep with. We were very unlucky to have to share the jeep with 4 old smelly men. They weren't respectful to the Vietnamese people or to me and my girlfriend. Anyway, we left them every time when we arrived to our next destination.


We had an amazing day exploring the sand dunes. We drove around like lunatics on our rented quad and crashed the machine twice. We did not really break it but we almost broke a couple of bones ourselves. We thought the quad had more power and started driving downhill as fast as we could and before we even noticed we were laying down on the sand with the quad on top of us. Another time Hayley asked me to make a video of her driving through the sand dunes. She started racing and lost all control over the quad and crashed a second time. 


I really wanted to drive from Mũi Né to our next destination Da lat with a motorbike. They provide an amazing tour with a guide along the coast but Hayley wasn't 100% comfortable with driving a motorbike with extremely strong winds. It was really bad at the time we were there so we decided not to. But I still regret not doing it because I have read so many good things about the trip. So if you get the chance, do it and enjoy the feeling of ultimate freedom! We personally loved our time in Mũi Né and we might even go back one day. Who knows!


Saving Money

Find a deal - Since it can be quite hard to find cheap accommodation here you can try to get a good deal online or to walk in different places to ask what they have to offer. Or share a private room.


Grab a snack - Go to the supermarket and buy cheap snacks for breakfast and lunch to save money. Restaurants do get a little pricey.


Transport - You would think taking the local bus is cheaper but this is far from true. They will make you pay more for being a tourist. Always take the tourist bus. It is also much more comfortable.


Day tour - There are many tourist offices on the strip. Walk around and ask different places for the prices. This way you will be able to choose the best tour that fits you




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