We Love The People's Poncho!

October 23, 2017


Raining when you need to take your dog for a walk? No worries!

Go grab your People's Poncho.

Raining when you need to go to a festival? No worries!

Go grab your People's Poncho.

Raining when you need to ride your bike? No worries!

Go grab your People's Poncho.


Ok guys... I am here to say that if you haven’t tried a poncho yet, this is the fashionable little bad boy you need to buy. After reading this, we think it is going to be your next favourite Winter Essential! A game changer for combatting that nasty winter rain with grace and style.


The People’s Poncho is one serious cool poncho and we get tonnes of compliments. People who travel with us say they wish they had one as the rain pours down on them and see us nice and dry in our People's Poncho. A few of our friends have even bought one of these ponchos and they love it as much as we do. Why do we love it?


It is compact and lightweight (very important to us) so it really does make a great little travel companion. We can say without a doubt that it can withstand even the heaviest of downpours after throughly testing in Germany recently.



The People's Poncho is made from three layers of 100% waterproof heavy duty Japanese polyester. The Japanese polyester is super breathable fabric and it even accommodates up to 50L backpack. It has a drawstring hood and features a SUPER HANDY waterproof zippered chest pocket. We owe our iPhone's lives to this pocket! The poncho also offers safety enhancing reflective piping and heavy duty side buttons to increase manoeuvrability.


But wait... There is more. There are internal straps to hook onto bicycle handlebars or over hands so your legs are protected from the rain if you are riding a bike. We were in Amsterdam recently which has more than 881,000 bicycles. So many people use their bikes on a daily basis and everyone should have The People's Poncho ready to tackle that stormy weather. We have never seen another poncho quite like it and think it is leading the market with its innovated practical design. A massive bonus is that the poncho only weighs 0.4kg and comes with a waterproof pouch for easy compact storage. We were happily surprised with the super high quality of this product. We could be wearing this heavy duty ponchos for the next decade!



The People's Poncho comes in a few different colors including:

Camouflage which is perfect for Festival fun

Fisherman's Yellow which is perfect for Cycling

Black which is The People's Poncho Best Seller

And Navy Blue last but not least


On my usual rainy ride in Belgium before I had this lovely yellow poncho, you would see me in bulky rain pants and a huge rain jacket. Although it did keep me dry, it was neither stylish or all that convenient as removing multiple wet layers when I arrive at my destination was always a big hassle. In the poncho, I am kept dry on my 20 minute commute to and from the city even during heavy rains. My work collegues now affectionately call me "the cycling banana" which we have a laugh about. You can literally see me from miles away which is fantastic for safety on the roads. When I get to work now I don't have to dread taking off all the layers as pulling the poncho over my head couldn’t be easier. 



We give it 5 stars ***** It is worth every cent and you will never need to worry about the rain again. Click and visit The People's Poncho today because WINTER IS COMING ;) #embracetherain 



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