Backpack Or Suitcase?

April 15, 2017


So before you can start sorting out what you need to pack, you will need to choose what kind of luggage will suit you. There are two main choices — wheeled suitcases and travel backpacks. Each style has its own benefits and disadvantages. You should decide carefully which is best for your travel style.


However, I first want to explain why you shouldn't bring a suitcase:


  1. STAIRS will not be your friend. A suitcase is great if you are catching taxis from hotel to hotel and wheeling it along level surfaces. However, who know what you will encounter when you are on your adventure. A likely scenario will be that the hostels you will be staying at will have no elevator and will have narrow staircases as well.

  2. TRANSPORTATION will be a struggle because they will also have stairs. Also public transportation tends to be quite crowded and pulling a monster suitcase through a busy crowd of people is difficult. Believe me because I have made this mistake.

  3. COBBLESTONES and suitcases just don't mix. You will find it hard and exhausting. I have even seen people break the wheels of their suitcases going over these cobblestone roads.

Now, let's look at why you should choose a travel backpack:

  1. You will easily make your way through crowded streets with your pack on.

  2. Public transportation, stairs and cobblestones will be no issue since it is your back.

  3. Traveling with two free hands makes your life much easier and looking at maps to your new accommodation.

  4. The mobility is liberating.

  5. Getting off the beaten track and in all sorts of different terrains will be no issue.

I need to stress again the importance of packing light. You want it to be comfortable our backpack and choosing the right backpack is super important.

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