Dalat Is The City Of Eternal Spring

May 23, 2017


Dalat is located 1,500 m above sea level and surrounded by beautiful hills, pine forests, lakes and waterfalls. The city is known as the most popular tourist destination in Vietnam. Although the highlands in this area have a tragic history. Dalat is dominated in amazing French architecture because of the French colonization in the early 1900s. With its year-round cool weather, Dalat supplies temperate agriculture products for all over Vietnam, for example: cabbage and cauliflower. "The city of eternal spring" is the nickname Dalat received because the climate is mostly mild all year around with an average of 14 °C (57 °F) - 23 °C (73 °F). 


Top Things To Do And See In Dalat

Elephant Waterfalls - It is definitely the most dramatic waterfall of the region. Walk along the scenic pathway to reach this gorgeous waterfall. Stay on the path for your own safety and do not enter the whirlpool. It is very unsafe and travellers tragically drowned here in the past.


Easy riders Vietnam - Go for a ride around the highlands for a day with the perfect local guide. Get a taste the cultures of different ethnic minority groups, taste a wide variety of foods and witness spectacular landscapes. Explore the highlands and get off the beaten track.



Our #1 activity was definitely THE SECRET TOUR with Mr. Rot. If you would like to know more about this special day check out our article. 


Costs In Dalat

Vietnam is quite cheap to sleep, eat and travel. 


Food and drinks - As long as you are staying true to the small local businesses you will find very cheap meals. Try to avoid touristic places with western food if you want to save some extra dollars.


Hostels - They start at 45,000 VND (2 USD) for a dorm bed. Which is really super cheap. You won't find anything cheaper than this.


Hotels - A private rooms starts from 67,000 VND (3 USD). I told you Vietnam was cheap... 


Transport - You can explore Dalat with a motorbike but it will cost you around 200,000 DONG (10 USD) a day. Gas is really cheap and around 16,000 VND (0,70 USD) per litre. 
Dalat to Nha Trang starts from 300,000 VND (13 USD) 5 hour drive in a standard seat
Dalat to Ho Chi Minh City starts from 520,000 VND (23 USD) 8 hour drive in a sleeper bus


Our Experience

The highlight of our stay in Dalat was definitely the secret tour. We recommend everyone who is visiting Dalat to go to the Villa Pink House and to book THE SECRET TOUR with Mr. Rot. We fell in love with Dalat and the amazing warmhearted people. Read all about it in our article. Take in everything and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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