Scuba Diving in Malta

September 22, 2017


Malta is known for it`s amazing dive sites. There are a couple of reefs around the island but there is not a huge amount of marine life. You will only come across small fish and the coral is not very colourful. Although Malta has many other dive sites to offer. There are loads of harbours all around the island and many ships sank in the WWI and WWII and are open to visit for certified scuba divers. Dive schools also offer dives through the many swim-through-canals and caves.


Fortizza Reef 


This was our first dive site of the day. The water was quite choppy that day but in general it is known as an easy dive site with lots of opportunities for underwater photography. The Fortizza Reef has a wide variety of things to see. There are lots of tunnels to swim through, arches and a short cave. It has a maximum depth of 16m. We had around 10m visibility which was still pretty good to make some amazing photography. Water temperature was 27 C degrees.










This dive site was a lot different than all the previous dives we have done before. It was our first time swimming through canals and caves and it was just wonderful. 



Shipwreck X127 Lighter - Carolita


HMS X-127 was built in 1915 in England for British Royal Navy to be used in World War I. She was 24 m long landing craft with 7 m beam, converted into a water lighter and later again into a fuel lighter. X127 was sunk on 6th March 1942 because of 2 fatal attacks in the WWII.



Here are some epic shots that we took on our dive.









The wreck dive was definitely the highlight of our trip to Malta. There are many ship wrecks all around the island on different depths. The deepest point of the X127 is 25m. Our visibility was around 6m which is not fantastic but it also gives it an eerie atmosphere. We are Open Water scuba divers so we actually can not dive deeper 18m but we did go to the end of the shipwreck at 25m with our dive instructor.



If you are planning a trip to Malta I really recommend to go diving. You don`t need to be certified to go diving. You can do an introduction dive anytime. There are lots of dive schools. We booked our dives with Watercolours


Don`t hesitate to ask us any question you might have. We are happy to help out!

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