The Imperial City Of Huế

June 27, 2017


Huế is well known for its historic monuments all over the city and won a spot in the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The Emperial city which is situated at the Perfume River is the #1 to-do activity. But of course there are many other beautiful sights to explore.


Our Experience

We haven't spend too much time in Huế because we didn't had the time to hang out there for too long, we needed to make our way up north. Huế was very different from what we had seen before. The climate was very hot, sticky and humid which wasn't amazing. There are many local "guides" with a bike that are offering to bring you around the city. Before you take place on the bike you have to make sure that you have agreed on a certain amount of money. And even then, you need to be careful because they might charge you more at the end of the day. They are a little bit sneaky like that. Getting scammed is one of the worst things that happen to travellers and it is something we can't really change. It just happens, no matter how much you dislike it. 


Well, we paid a local guy with a bike to guide us around the city and to bring us to the Imperial city. After 4 hours on the bike and multiple stops at beautiful monuments and temples he stopped at this gate and says : "Here we are, this is the Imperial City." While we thought we were already in there for hours! He explained that we had to walk in there and pay another 80 000 VND (3,5 USD) a person to get in. Other guides were already waiting for us to guide us inside the Imperial City for money. We didn't want to pay another guide and losing more money than we already had. After a whole day of getting scammed we decided to not go in at all and to pay the bike tour guide and walk home. We were quite far away from our hotel but were so sick of this cruel tourist trap that costed us a lot of money. Especially for Vietnamese standards. 


We have seen some beautiful monuments but we didn't have the most memorable experience and did not really like our time in Huế. There are amazing places in Vietnam that deserve more time to spend but this is definitely not one of them. 


So if you ever decide to make a stop here just make sure you don't get scammed and look up how much what will cost you. It is a shame that we didn't got the chance to go in at all because that was our only reason to stop here for a night. 


This is us on the outside of the Imperial City, thinking that we are in the Imperial city. Don't make the same mistake as us and go behind these big walls. Visit the Emperor tombs. They are amazing we have heard but we obviously can't say first hand how amazing they are so check it out yourself.



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