October 26, 2017

This post is in response to a question I get A LOT: 

How can you afford to keep travelling Hayley?!

Well, I want to start off here with you taking some time to seriously think about what you spend your money on. Check the transactions on your bank cards. An excuse for not being able to travel I hear from people is that they don’t earn enough money to save because they have too many expenses.

So, Where Does Your Money Go?

>> Get out a pen and paper and write dow...

July 11, 2017

Most of us are scared of diving head first into the unknown. Into complete unfamiliarity, not knowing what might happen next and into uncertainty. We might avoid the unknown and stay in our comfort zone because we scared of failure or of all the things that could potentially go wrong. Getting out of your comfort zone can be very rewarding. Without a little risk, there is no reward. Getting out of your comfort zone could even reveal a passion you didn't know you had. If you...

July 10, 2017

Keeping Travel Cheap

So, how did I end up in Brighton? Being an international couple comes with a few more bumps in the road. As an Australian, I can only spend 3 months out of every 6 months in the EU (Schengen zone) without a visa. My 3 months were up mid October 2016 and we came face to face with a dilemma. We had planned to go to my home town in Perth for Christmas in December, however, there was a gap of 6 weeks until we had flights down under. So I began my search to...

June 27, 2017

Huế is well known for its historic monuments all over the city and won a spot in the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The Emperial city which is situated at the Perfume River is the #1 to-do activity. But of course there are many other beautiful sights to explore.

Our Experience

We haven't spend too much time in Huế because we didn't had the time to hang out there for too long, we needed to make our way up north. Huế was very different from what we had seen before. The climate...

June 7, 2017

Hoi An is a romantic town with lots of canals, picturesque streets and lots of entertainment. This is why the town is a very popular tourist destination for backpackers in Vietnam. The historical streets and buildings shows an amazing architecture of different styles. 

Top Things To Do And See In Hoi An

Central market - This market is definitely worth a visit. There is plenty of street food, handmade clothing, souvenirs and anything else you can think of. It is close to one...

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