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Why work with Make Travel Reality?

Our blog features only genuine experiences – no sponsored guest posts, press releases or travel guides of places not visited by us. 

We are really passionate about travel (as cliche as it sounds) and equally passionate about working together with other travel related companies. We endeavour to put 100% into every single collaboration and working with like minded people is something that really excites us. We founded Make Travel Reality in November 2016 and already had some great success with more than 18K followers on Instagram! Our social media influence is growing exponentially and attracting people from all around the world. We want to hear from you and include you on our global journey.

Activity Endorsement

Bring us along on one of your tours and we will create some great content to entice others to get onboard. Anything from diving, water rafting, cliff jumping to local experiences. We would love to hear from you.

Destination Sponsorship

Invite us to your accommodation and we will showcase your business across various multimedia platforms in return. We’ll promote our experience to our follower base across social media, keeping your business top of mind for travellers like ourselves.

Brand Development and Exposure

If you think our values & target audience align, we’d love to endorse your brand & rock out in your gear whilst traveling.

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